Tin & Tina 2023

Tin and Tina is a psychological horror film directed by Rubin Stein. Lola and Adolfo, a couple who adopt two children with a strict religious upbringing, face dangerous situations as their children’s extreme beliefs start to affect their lives. The movie draws inspiration from past impactful films like Midsommar, Goodnight Mommy, and The Shining. It primarily explores the challenges of relationships and the weight of motherhood.

Set in 1980s Spain, Tin and Tina is engrossing at times but occasionally leans towards the fantastical, lacking a consistently gripping narrative. Nonetheless, the moments that delve into Lola’s fears stand out, leaving viewers shocked and concerned. The film’s focus on interpersonal conflicts drives it forward, although the psychological thriller aspect can be excessive and unbelievable.

Despite its flaws, Stein’s commitment to the film is evident in its impressive visuals and eerie atmosphere. The question of whether the twins are truly responsible for the horrors remains unanswered, leaving the audience uncomfortable and confused. Religion and politics play a significant role, but their impact is not fully realized. The performances, particularly by Milena Smit and Jaime Lorente, are commendable.

In summary, Tin and Tina is a compelling drama that elicits sympathy for Lola’s struggles. However, as a psychological thriller, it falls short of delivering supernatural scares, making it an uncomfortable but ultimately unsatisfying experience. Visit afdah tv for more!

Tin & Tina | May 26, 2023 (United States) Summary: After a tragic abort, Lola and her husband Adolfo adopt Tin and Tina, two lovely brother and sister with an ultra-catholic education that makes them interpret Holy Bible verbatim.
Countries: Spain, United States, RomaniaLanguages: Spanish

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