The Monkey King 2023

Netflix’s “The Monkey King” falls flat, delivering a safe and uninspired animated film lacking humor, heart, and action. Centered around the well-known character Sun Wukong, the Monkey King, the movie fails to capture the cultural richness of the Chinese tale. Director Anthony Stacchi’s attempt at a hero’s journey lacks narrative depth, with sporadic sparks of martial arts whimsy, but often hindered by generic dialogue and episodic encounters. While the partnership between the Monkey King and a girl named Lin provides some structure, it’s not enough to salvage the film. Notably, the Dragon King character and Bowen Yang’s performance add visual and character strength, injecting some much-needed stakes and fight choreography. Ultimately, “The Monkey King” misses the mark, failing to live up to Netflix’s more ambitious animated projects. Visit afdah for more!

The Monkey King | August 18, 2023 (United States) Summary: Inspired by an epic Chinese tale, translated into an action-packed comedy, a Monkey and his magical fighting Stick battle demons, dragons, gods and the greatest adversary of all - Monkey's e... Read all
Countries: China, Hong Kong, United StatesLanguages: English, Chinese

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