Sirona 2023

Wesley Clark’s debut feature film, “Sirona,” showcases his ambitious attempt to create an X-Men-style narrative on a limited budget, a task that often leads to underwhelming results. The film follows Sirona and her brother, who have escaped from a government Black Site, revealing they are products of human experiments. As they flee from armed pursuers, a team of mercenaries is dispatched to capture them.

“Sirona” relies heavily on dialogue due to its budget constraints, reminiscent of superhero films from past decades. It wisely avoids trying to match big-budget effects with subpar CGI, focusing instead on the ethical and moral dilemmas faced by its characters. However, the film suffers from stilted and on-the-nose dialogue, as well as uneven performances.

In its final act, “Sirona” shifts back to action mode, delivering a decent action sequence despite some flaws. While the film shows promise as a debut effort, it falls short due to its dialogue issues and missed opportunities to explore its thematic depths. A potential sequel should prioritize a stronger script. Visit afdah for more!

Sirona | September 5, 2023 (United States) Summary: A young woman with supernatural gifts escapes captivity, only to be hunted down by a group of mercenaries whose lives she will change forever.
Countries: United StatesLanguages: English

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