Puppy Love 2023

In this rom-com setup, two seemingly mismatched individuals, Nicole and Max, exhibit contrasting lifestyles. Nicole is outgoing, carefree, and messy, while Max is introverted, anxious, and meticulously neat. Despite these differences, fate or coincidence brings them together. Max adopts a calm therapy dog named Chloe, while Nicole takes in a scruffy stray named Channing Tatum. Both deeply bond with their respective pets. Unexpectedly, Chloe becomes pregnant, prompting Max and Nicole to reunite the dogs as “expecting” grandparents. They reluctantly cohabit, leading to a series of comical situations, including attending doggie lamaze class. Predictably, their interactions and shared responsibilities foster a romantic connection. The narrative humorously explores the convergence of their contrasting personalities and predicts the unfolding of their inevitable love story. Visit afdah free for more!

Puppy Love | August 18, 2023 (United States) Summary: After a disastrous first date, Nicole and Max vow to lose each other's numbers until their dogs find a love match. Hilariously mismatched Nicole and Max are forced to become responsible co-p... Read all
Countries: United StatesLanguages: English

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