Mad God (2022)

Mad God (2022) Full Movie Download or Watch Online in HD Quality For Free

Stop-motion animation is a technique that lends itself to horror, despite primarily aimed at children’s movies, with LAIKA, Aardman leading the charge for the medium’s cinematic output. Films like “Coraline,” which showcases the creepiness of puppets, show that their movements make them more terrifying than hand-drawn animation, no matter how cute they are. Phil Tippett, Oscar-winning VFX artist, recognizes this, and his feature directorial debut “mad God” quickly becomes a gruesome, harrowing Dantean journey through hell.

You may not know Phil Tippett by name, but you are familiar with his work. Legendary VFX artist Phil Tippett has significantly impacted creature design, stop motion, and CG-character animation. He worked on everything from “Star Wars” and “RoboCop,” as well as “Piranha” and “Jurassic Park.” Tippett shot early footage during “RoboCop 2” before putting the project aside until the ’00s when he began slowly adding to the massive production. This film takes decades of Tippett’s Hollywood blockbuster work, throws it into the fiery pits, and adds some theology and Hieronymus Bosch to the mix. Finally, the film regurgitates a Miltonesque universe of savagery and horror with plenty of bodily fluids. To watch more movies, Visit afdah movies 2 website and explore.

Title: Mad God (2022)
Genres: 2022 Movies | Animation, Fantasy, Horror
Quality: HD
Directors: Phil Tippett
Stars: Alex Cox, Niketa Roman, Satish Ratakonda, Harper Taylor, Brynn Taylor, Hans Brekke, Brett Foxwell, Jake Freytag

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