Day Shift (2022)

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Since the Twilight franchise dominated popular culture in the late 2000s, the vampire genre has been slowly disappearing from vampires and that tone. Sometimes, viewers like something fun and don’t take themselves too seriously, so they easily shut off their brains and relax for a couple of hours. The summer months are perfect for movies of this kind as well. Day Shift is no exception. The action comedy takes the genre of vampires in a completely different direction, which results in a wildly silly film that is enjoyable regardless of the issues. The film is set in the humid summer of the Los Angeles area and leaves lots of gore and blood. It’s not intellectual in any way and is a mindless breeze that creates an intriguing universe that could bring more. Although it might not be a success as a comedy, the charisma of Jamie Foxx leads the way. This plot is on the predictable side, and the villains are not as strong, which is typical of the course. However, his interactions and chemistry with Dave Franco make it a thrilling ride. Snoop Dog shines in a small, scene-stealing role.

Day Shift follows an individual named Bud Jablonski (Foxx), the working class pool cleaner, who is looking to feed his daughter of 8 years old Paige (Zion Broadnax). But this was just a cover for his actual work as a vampire hunter, which he was extremely proficient at. As a lone hunter, he earned some fame, but this reputation was also controversial by the secretive world group of vampire hunters, which helped shield humans from conflict with vampires in the darkness. While he kept his work and family life separated for the longest time, it was only logical that they would come together and eventually, they did. In desperate search of a solution to keep his family unit, Jablonski turned to the union which had previously exiled him to seek help. In a state of fear, the union assigned him an experienced but inexperienced union official known as Seth (Franco). He was assigned to supervise him if he messed up. However, things didn’t happen as planned because the union was concerned. With no field experience, Seth certainly got some after following Jablonski around.

The dynamic that ensued was the most enjoyable moment of the entire Day Shift. Although they weren’t open about it or not, they needed to be together. While Jablonski was learning to cooperate with other people, Seth was learning to break out from his shell. Let’s just say that this was a process that brought certain pitfalls along the way that were as funny as they were enticing. Although Jablonski’s character story was standard, Seth’s arc was not surprising, to say the least; it was captivating to be a part of. Ultimately, they had to collaborate since the latter was the victim of an imposing vampire named Audrey (Souza) that wanted revenge. The vampires in the film were diverse; however, she managed to connect them. The potential game changer for vampires was when they discovered an approach to survive in the sun, which created an entirely different story as they could appear anytime, anywhere. The result was essentially a way for the film to deviate from a film about vampires and become more of an action film. While it’s not perfect overall, it was a good action film with decent entertainment that was mindless and some violence that was worthy of its R rating.

Day Shift may be dull, but it’s an absolute blast to watch despite that. It takes you back to the mindless films from the 1990s. What holds it together is the relationship between Foxx along with Franco playing Jablonski as Jablonski and Seth. Although the part of Jablonski isn’t too difficult for Foxx, his rapport with Franco has helped the film shine through. In addition to his comic relief role, Franco’s relatability and relatability created an engaging glimpse into the world of vampires and hunters. While it’s not a brand new idea in any way, his awkwardness combined with Jablonski’s smugness and confidence created numerous fun moments and moments of development. Souza was a good character as Audrey However; she was mostly a sideshow. Then, Snoop Dog played Big John Elliott, who was enough to leave an impression with a limited amount of screen time. To watch more movies for free, Visit afdah tv website.

Title: Day Shift (2022)
Genres: 2022 Movies | Action, Comedy, Fantasy
Quality: HD
Directors: J.J. Perry
Stars: Jamie Foxx, Dave Franco, Natasha Liu Bordizzo, Meagan Good, Karla Souza

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