A Million Miles Away 2023

“A Million Miles Away” is an inspiring biopic that traces the remarkable journey of José Hernández, the son of Mexican migrant farmers, from watching the Apollo 11 moon landing as a young boy to becoming the first migrant farm worker to reach the International Space Station. The film skillfully balances the traditional elements of space heroism and the American Dream with a charming and heartwarming narrative directed by Alejandra Márquez Abella.

The story unfolds through José’s childhood experiences, highlighting his curiosity and resilience as he grows up working on produce farms in California’s Central Valley. Abella presents these challenges not as moments of pity or trauma, but as opportunities for motivation and growth. José’s unwavering dream of becoming an astronaut is portrayed as a mystical force that drives him relentlessly.

The film addresses the discrimination José faces as the only Mexican American engineer at Livermore labs, adding depth to the narrative. The final third, focusing on José’s NASA training, may feel a bit like motivational propaganda to some, but Michael Peña’s genuine performance and the emphasis on community support make the triumphs feel well-deserved. “A Million Miles Away” is a heartwarming tale that reaches for the stars while staying grounded in humanity. Visit afdah info for more!

A Million Miles Away | September 15, 2023 (United States) Summary: A biopic about Jose Hernandez and his path from a farm worker to becoming an engineer and an astronaut. A tale of perseverance, community and sacrifice to accomplish a seemingly impossible d... Read all
Countries: Mexico, United StatesLanguages: English

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